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Pick the right automation solution for your Injection Molding Process

X (50-180 Tons)
XW (100-470 Tons)
MaxA02 (30-120 Tons)
MaxA05 (80-380 Tons)
MaxAW05 (80-380 Tons)
MaxBW08 (250-700 Tons)
MaxBW10 (500-800Tons)
MaxBW15 (530-1200 Tons)
MaxBW25 (530-1600 Tons)
MaxCW10 (300-800Tons)
MaxCW15 (550-1300Tons)
MaxCW25 (650-2400 Tons)
MaxCW35 (1200-2800 Tons)
MaxCW50 (1200-3300 Tons)
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