To take the old broadcasting line from television, “do not adjust your computer monitors, what you see is in fact correct!”  Due to series improvements resulting in increased payload capacities and increased tonnage rating the Absolute Robot EA, EB and EC series have also gone through a name change.  The new name for the three series is the Absolute Robot MaxA, MaxAW, MaxBW and MaxCW-Series.  We have provided a breakout below to show the former and new identity along with new payload capacity and tonnage rating.  We are please to see the advancements to our robot line, offering our customers a full range automation solution from pneumatic pickers through to full servo robots up to 5500 tons.  If you have any questions please click here to contact us or call us directly at (508) 792-4305.

EA04 –> MaxA05  Payload: 5kg  Tonnage: 50-380

EAW04 –> MaxAW05  Payload: 5kg  Tonnage: 50-320

EBW06 –> MaxBW08  Payload: 8kg  Tonnage: 200-700

EBW10 –> MaxBW10  Payload: 10kg  Tonnage: 360-900

EBW15 –> MaxBW15  Payload: 15kg  Tonnage: 360-1200

EBW20 –> MaxBW25  Payload: 25kg  Tonnage: 550-1850

ECW10 –> MaxCW10  Payload: 10kg  Tonnage: 360-1000

ECW15 –> MaxCW20  Payload: 20kg  Tonnage: 550-1850

ECW25 –> MaxCW30  Payload: 30kg  Tonnage: 850-2400

ECW35 –> MaxCW45  Payload: 45kg  Tonnage: 1250-2800

ECW50 –> MaxCW60  Payload: 60kg  Tonnage: 1600-3300

ECW80 –> MaxCW96  Payload: 96kg  Tonnage: 2000-5500