Selling high-quality robots at competitive prices is just one of the many things that Absolute Robot does right. Without a fantastic service team and a quality parts department, we would have no way to back up the products that we sell. Luckily, here at Absolute Robot, our parts department is managed by Scott McCarthy who makes sure that we have the parts you need in stock and ready to ship.

Scott McCarthy has worked in the injection molding industry for over thirty years since he graduated college. He started out as a machine rebuilder, but through hard work and dedication was promoted to a management position. Eventually, he made his way to working as the Production Manager where he was responsible for both the assembly floor and machine shop. This meant he had to be excellent at scheduling, ordering, and quoting large products. He also gained a lot of experience working with both customers and vendors.

Scott McCarthy

Here at Absolute Robot, Scott is in charge of the entire inventory of robot parts. His goal is to provide our customers with parts both quickly and reliably. Scott understands the importance of your up time, and works hard to improve it as much as possible.

One great thing about working at Absolute Robot is that every day is a new adventure. Working here is engaging and challenging. Our employees grow within the field due to the diverse aspects of the company. According to Scott, being able to wear many hats and interact with different people are his favorite parts of his job.

If you have any questions about the parts we use on our robots, or how our part department functions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are proud that our robots include high-quality, name brand parts and that we are able to get those parts out quickly to customers in need.