In-Mold Labeling

  • Quick change for labeling magazine module and stacking module
  • Inverted spindle reduces height, shock interference, and increases internal space
  • Carbon fiber for high strength and lightweight
  • Leveling magazine module
  • Level and height adjustment
  • High-efficiency stacking
  • Large and easy to read backlit blue LCD controller
  • Soft touch keypad
  • Choose from handful of pre-programmed sequences or easily build and save your own custom program

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In-Mold Labeling

IML (In-Mold Labeling) utilizes the special feeding system to put the flat label into the mold cavity by the principle of electrostatic or vacuum adsorption. The material of the label is the same as that of the plastics products. The label will fit closely together to the product after the injection. As a result, this technique will avoid a series of processes such as printing and pasting for shape plastic products, and solve the technical challenges in printing on multi surfaces and special-shaped surface. It is effective to prevent contamination of the product in post-production, shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost, and provide technical support for product quality and safety.

Each IML is custom made for each machine. Our IML products can be fitted for all tonnage presses.


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