MaxCW10 Series

MaxCW10 Models


  • Reliable rigid design coupled with flexible software suppressed vibrations ensure maximum acceleration with minimum vibration
  • High precision linear guide system with hardened steel rails and Bosch Rexroth bearings
  • Moveable strip axis ensures removal of the tallest parts without obstruction
  • Heavy duty rack and pinion gear drive on all three axis
  • Patented fixed/moveable side movement
  • Release or grip inside the mold area-defective parts can be dropped inside or outside the mold area or on a conveyor
  • 2 vacuum 2 grip circuits standard
  • 4 spare input 4 spare outputs
  • Bright LED lights on all prox switches and vacuum sensors eliminate guesswork when troubleshooting
  • Telescoping vertical arm for low overhead ceiling clearance and faster cycle times
  • Lube system standard with programmable auto-lube option
  • Beam mounted control box saves valuable floor space
  • Simple end of arm tool kit with vacuum cups: Included


  • Open software based touch screen controller
  • Create any unique motion sequence at the pendant without the need for factory assistance, special programming or off-line software
  • Large storage space
  • Simple uploading and downloading of programs with a standard USB stick
  • Lightweight and easy to operate hand held controller
  • Bright colorful screen which is split to show simple line by line programs on the left and programming information on the right.
  • Free edit mode
  • 3 axis synchronized movement

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Models Available:

TypeTelescoping Vertical Arm
IMM Range (ton)470-800
Stroke Vertical (mm)1600
Stroke Single Arm Strip (mm)1350
Stroke Traverse (mm)2500
Gripper Angle90
Max Load (kg)10
Drive SystemAC Servo Motor
Working Air Pressure (kg/cm²)5~8
Air Consumption (NL/cycle)2
Max Current (amps)12.1
Power Supply480 VAC 3 Phase 60Hz
Weight (kg)700
470-800 Tons

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Specifications subject to change without notice for product improvement

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