As automation becomes necessity, who will ensure robot uptime?

Automation is a staple in today’s manufacturing process. What was once a luxury to have has become a necessity to stay competitive and meet production goals. Due to this shift, the manufacturing industry has found a shortage of skilled labor capable of programming and running the automation side of the industry. Simply put, manufacturing needs more robot experts.

BMW recognized this issue and chose to address it head on. Under the BMW Scholars Program out of the Spartanburgh Plant, BMW has an academic partnership with local technical colleges. The program gives students real world part-time experience on automation and can lead to an opportunity to join BMW full time after graduation.

The ThomasNet article noted over the last 7 years BMW had 130 graduates of their program in Spartaburgh. They hope to see 200 students involved in the 2-year program with the addition of a fourth technical college. ARI is excited to see companies sponsoring programs such as this.  Hopefully programs like BMW’s lead to a wave of bright minds to close the skill gap.