It’s hard to imagine starting out your day without that morning cup of coffee. Your cup of coffee is an essential part of your morning routine, but could also be hurting the environment. Many of us choose to get our coffee from pods because they’re just so convenient. One in three homes in the US has a pod-based coffee machine, in addition to all those used in businesses. Instead of making an entire pot which can get cold and unpleasant, we just get one perfect cup at a time. Especially when you only have a quick break to grab a cup, this seems like an awesome time saver instead of waiting for a whole pot to brew. But how many of us consider what happens to those pods once we toss them in the trash? Currently, these cups are not recyclable or biodegradable. This is obviously a serious environmental issue. Thankfully, Keurig is working on making recyclable Keurig cups. This is a huge initiative, and it’s thought that by the end of 2020 100% of K-cups will be recyclable. Read more about this incredible eco-friendly initiative at Plastic News.


recyclable keurig cups