It seems like there is nothing that can’t be done with plastics. Cancer is a subject that is near and dear to the hearts of many of us here at Absolute Robot. We were excited to hear about new research headed up by Professor Krasi Vasilev from the University of South Austrailia’s Future Industries Institute, promising improved cancer detection. It turns out that there is now a type of plastic polymer cancer detection. Current techniques for bladder cancer detection are both expensive and invasive. But the technique developed by Professor Vasilev and his team will be much simpler, cheaper, and less invasive. They discovered a polymeric compound that binds to cancerous antibodies in urine. Bladder cancer is particularly difficult to diagnose, and and the probability of recurrence is about 75% within five years.

The new testing method will require just a simple urine sample. Doctors can expose the sample to a polymer coating which will bind to cancerous cells. Not only is this a huge advancement when it comes to detecting bladder cancer, but it’s possible that this technology could have other medical applications.

The employees at Absolute Robot do their best to help in the fight against cancer as well. We have already started preparing for the 2017 Annual UMass Cancer Walk & Run. Each year, our employees and their families put on their running shoes to raise money for this great cause. Funds raised during the event support cancer research, clinical trials, and patient care at the UMass Cancer Center in Worcester, MA.

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