Absolute Robot’s X and telescoping XW Series sprue pickers are smooth, reliable and simple to operate. Some of the notable features of these sprue pickers are:

  • Simple 50-90 degree swing adjustment
  • Linear vertical rails with Rexroth Bosch bearings
  • Sprue grip with unique pressure differential detection switch to eliminate verification switch adjustments
  • Locking cylinder to prevent main arm drift in mold area in event of pressurized air loss

Combine these features with an adapter plate, vacuum circuit, wrist rotate and simple end of arm tooling kit included at no additional cost to our price that is almost 20% lower than what is in the current marketplace and you have an exceptional value from Absolute Robot. If you would like to take our pneumatic picker challenge and see what we can save you based upon a recent quote you’ve received contact us or give Bob Shingledecker a call at (508) 792-4305. Let us show you that we can deliver on our 20% savings.