The MaxA Series of robots is targeted to molders from the 80 to 380 ton range looking for a fast, well built, full servo robot to automate their part remove process.  Optional pneumatic wrist rotate is available for this 3-axis robot with ranging vertical reach from 900mm to 1100mm.  As with all of our Absolute Robots there are special order options available such as a dual arm model or extended traverse.  A payload capacity of 13 pounds ensures that this workhorse can handle an end of arm tool along with the part.


Dual linear Rexroth rails on the beam carriage of the MaxA Series

Absolute Robot refers to the MaxA Series as our beam carriage robot as the y-axis is a single beam.  The vertical axis travels the y-axis on dual Rexroth linear rails with Bosch bearings allowing for an effortless glide.  Dual linear rails also allows for added support with the beam carriage.

Currently Absolute Robot has a handful of the MaxA Series in stock.  We have the MaxA05-900 and the MaxAW05-900.  The difference between the two models is that the MaxA is a single stage rack and pinion vertical arm while the MaxAW is a telescoping vertical arm.  Offering the telescoping vertical arm allows our customers with overhead height restrictions to remain competitive with automation solutions.

If you’d like to find out more about the MaxA Series and see if it is the right fit for your automation needs please contact us.  Our Customer Support Specialist Jillian will be happy to assist you and provide a quote for one of the in stock MaxA Series models.