The President of Mack Molding, Jeff Somple, has announced the addition of what he believes to be the biggest press in all of New England. A 2,360 ton Absolute Haitian press was recently installed at their Cavendish, VT facility. This press has a shot size of 238 oz and can accommodate molds up to 40,000 lbs. Of course, when you have that sort of powerful press you are going to need an equally powerful robot to pair with it. Mack Molding also invested in a MaxCW35-3000 robot with Servo A&C. This allows the robot to have the precision, as well as the strength, to perform a wide variety of tasks. When it comes to robot options, Servo A&C is a popular choice, and Absolute Robot offers competitive pricing. For less complex tasks, we offer simple pneumatic wrist rotates. All of our robots come standard with basic grippers and suction cups.

Mack Molding MaxCW35-3000

The MaxCW35-3000 is one of the largest that we offer, and can accommodate up to 2800 ton presses. Click here to learn more about this incredible robot. If you don’t quite have the need for such a supersized robot, don’t worry. Absolute Robot carries a wide range of products starting with simple pneumatic pickers. But if the MaxCW35-3000 doesn’t seem like enough robot for the job, we carry larger ones as well. For inquiries regarding pricing, you can contact our Customer Support Specialist who can provide you with a fast quote. Tell us about your application, and we can help design a work cell that will get your job done quickly and accurately.

In addition to the new Absolute Haitian press and the new Absolute Robot, Mack Molding has also invested in a new crane system as well. To see what else is happening at the Cavendish, VT facility, check out this article by Plastics Today.