The MaxCW-Series is the automation solution for large tonnage needs from Absolute Robot.  The MaxCW-Series will fit injection molding machines up to 3300 tons and handle payload capacities up to 132 pounds.  These robots are built to set pace with your large tonnage press while still having the speed, agility and precision of a full servo robot.  The MaxCW-Series comes in a 3-axis full servo standard configuration with a 90 degree pneumatic wrist flip at the end of the vertical arm.  Absolute Robot offers customers an affordable full servo A+C option that will grant the customer 180 degrees of motion along the C-axis and a full 360 degree rotation along the A-axis mounting plate.  Below you will see a video from NPE 2015 displaying the full servo A+C option on our MaxCW25 in the foreground and HS10 high speed robot in the background.

The MaxCW25 robot is rated for tonnage up to 2400 tons and has a payload capacity up to 66 pounds.  Currently we have a MaxCW25 due into our Worcester, MA warehouse in mid May along with a MaxCW15 rated up to 1300 tons and a payload capacity of 39 pounds.  We currently have a MaxCW10 in-stock in the Worcester, MA warehouse that is rated up to 800 tons and a 26 pounds payload capacity.

The MaxCW-Series features an open carriage design.  This layout ensures that picking and placing large parts will not be obstructed by either a box or beam carriage utilized for the strip stroke found on other models.  The MaxCW10 and MaxCW15 models have the control cabinet mounted at the home end of the traverse axis and the remaining MaxCW25/35/50 models  house the control cabinet along the side of the traverse beam.  As with all Absolute Robot Well-Lih models, the MaxCW-Series may have orientation swapped in the field.  This allows molders greater versatility in the long term life of their automation.

For any questions on the MaxCW-Series please contact us.  If you would like a quote on one of the MaxCW models we currently have in-stock or would like to discuss lead-times for a custom configured robot please contact our Customer Support Specialist and they can assist you.


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