As technology evolves, it’s important that we all stay up to date with the latest and greatest innovations. Injection molding is a fast-paced industry that requires specialized skills. You know that we here at Absolute Robot love to host guests in our showrooms in both Worcester, MA and Parma, OH. However, we’re excited that a new resource is opening up right in our own backyard. In nearby Clinton, MA is the Jabil Plastics Technology Learning Center.

Jabil is one of the world’s leading plastics organizations and offers a world class curriculum. If you’re looking for a way to kick start your career, this is one place you definitely want to check out. In addition to learning about new technology, you can also learn about budget management. Imagine being able to reduce your overhead costs with some simple steps. To learn more about the amazing resources available, be sure to check out their website. Having high quality automation equipment is the first step towards success, but we know that you also need the knowledge to use it effectively.

When you plan your trip to the Jabil Plastics Technology Learning Center, be sure to schedule some time to stop by and check out Absolute Robot. We are your one stop shop for automation solutions. Let us design everything you need for your work cell. We understand that your bottom line is important, and that’s why our products and services are priced competitively. Contact our customer support specialist to arrange your visit.  We know once you visit Jabil you’ll better understand the importance of quality injection molding equipment.

Located near the Jabil Plastics Technology Learning Center

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Too far to make the trip? You can take courses at Jabil right online, from virtually anywhere in the world. Even if you can’t stop by our showroom, send us an email and tell us some information about your application. We’d be glad to have one of our sales reps visit you and help you choose the right tools for your budget and needs.