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ARI Conveyors

ARI’s conveyors are engineered to increase productivity without going over budget. Easy to assemble and operate, these conveyors are shipped directly from Absolute’s facility in Worcester, MA. Conveyors have standard variable drives with indexing capabilities and they are fully supported by the Absolute Group of Companies. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote please give us a call at 508-792-4305 or email us at


ModelLength/feetBelt width/inWidth/inHeight/inSpeedTemperaturePayload/LengthPowerNet weight/lbs
08208202339.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W287
102010202339.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W331
122012202339.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W375
08248242739.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W287
102410242739.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W353
122412242739.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W419
083683638.7839.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W331
1036103638.7839.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W441
1236123638.7839.4~490-9.84ft/m<176°F6.71lbs/ftAC110V 120W551
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