MaxBW08-1300: Our Best-Selling Robot

Here at Absolute Robot, we sell everything from simple, single-stage pneumatic pickers to robots suitable for 3300 ton presses. But what is our best-selling robot? That would be our MaxBW08-1300. This robot comes with all of the great standard features you’ve come to expect from our robots. These include open-source software, easy-to-use handheld controllers, and support from our technical support team. The MaxBW08-1300 is perfect for machines in the 320 to 650 ton range, and best of all we currently have them in stock at our Worcester, MA location.


Best-Selling Robot MaxBW08-1300

Not only can we provide you with our best-selling automation solution, we can also get you any accessories you might need as well. Guarding, conveyors, and end of arm tools are just a few of the options we can provide you with to suit your needs. Do you think the MaxBW08-1300 would be a good fit for your application? Contact us for a fast quote and see how quickly and easily you can have the MaxBW08-1300 up and running at your facility.