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Absolute Robot is proud to stock a robust inventory of pickers and robots at our headquarters in Worcester, MA. Below is a list of current equipment inventory that Absolute Robot has in stock. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in determining the best ARI robot to meet your needs! Click Here for our newest stock list PDF.


ModelIMM RangeTypeVertical StrokeTraverse StrokeStrip StrokePayloadQty
MaxA05-80050 - 150 Tons3-Axis Single Stage31.5 in (800 mm)55.12 in (1,400 mm)31.5 in (800 mm)11.02 lbs (5 kg)4 In Stock
MaxA05-1000150 - 280 Tons3-Axis Single Stage39.37 in (1,000 mm)70.86 in (1,800 mm)39.37 in (1,000 mm)13.2 lbs (6 kg)5 In Stock
4 On Order
MaxAW05-1100150 - 280 Tons3-Axis Telescoping43.3 in (1,100 mm)70.86 in (1,800 mm)39.37 in (1,000 mm)13.2 lbs (6 kg)1 In Stock
1 En Route
1 On Order
MaxBW08-1300320 - 650 Tons3-Axis Telescoping51.18 in (1,300 mm)78.74 in (2,000 mm)47.24 in (1,200 mm)22.04 lbs (10 kg)2 In Stock
10 En Route
11 On Order
MaxBW10-1500500 - 800 Tons3-Axis Telescoping59.05 in (1,500 mm)98.42 in (2,500 mm)55.11 in (1,400 mm)22.04 lbs (10 kg)4 In Stock
2 En Route
3 On Order
MaxBW15-1700600 - 1200 Tons3-Axis Telescoping66.92 in (1,700 mm)98.42 in (2,500 mm)55.9 in (1,420 mm)39.68 lbs (18 kg)1 In Stock
4 On Order
MaxCW15-2000650 - 1300 Tons3-Axis Telescoping78.74 in (2,000 mm)118.11 in (3,000 mm)69.29 in (1,760 mm)33.06 lbs (15 kg)5 In Stock
X-650100 - 180 TonsSprue Picker Single Stage25.59 in (650 mm)N/A4.72 in (120 mm)4.4 lbs (2 kg)10 In Stock
XW-800120 - 250 TonsSprue Picker Telescoping31.49 in (800 mm)N/A7.87 in (200 mm)6.61 lbs (3 kg)5 In Stock
3 On Order
XW-900200 - 300 TonsSprue Picker Telescoping35.43 in (900 mm)N/A7.87 in (200 mm)6.61 lbs (3 kg)5 In Stock
XW-1000250 - 380 TonsSprue Picker Telescoping39.37 in (1,000 mm)N/A11.81 in (300 mm)6.61 lbs (3 kg)4 In Stock
4 On Order


AMC Conveying System L08W18Flat Belt Conveyor18"8'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
AMC Conveying System L10W18Flat Belt Conveyor18"10'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
AMC Conveying System L12W18Flat Belt Conveyor18"12'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
AMC Conveying System L08W24Flat Belt Conveyor24"8'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
AMC Conveying System L10W24Flat Belt Conveyor24"10'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
AMC Conveying System L12W24Flat Belt Conveyor24"12'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
AMC Conveying System L08W36Flat Belt Conveyor36"8'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
AMC Conveying System L10W36Flat Belt Conveyor36"10'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
AMC Conveying System L12W36Flat Belt Conveyor36"12'32.5"-42.5"FREE QUOTE
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