• Integrated ARI control for easy programming for injection molders
  • Large payload capacities
  • Compliant with all North American Saftey Standards
  • Multiple mounting configurations available
  • High reliability and durability
  • High-speed movments


6-Axis ABB Robots

Includes ARI’s “EZ Mold Application” for Easy Programming on Injection Molding Machines

ARI is now an integrator for ABB to offer 6-axis robot solutions to injection molders. Being the worlds largest industrial robot manufacturer, ABB has a wide range of robot sizes and capabilities. The control interface on ABB robots has been customized by ARI for the injection molding industry. Making the incredibly powerful and complex ABB robots easy to program/operate on molding machines. These robots can operate on all brands and sizes of injection molding machines as well as work with additional downstream automation equipment.

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