179 Deduction Applies to Robot Purchases Up to $500,000

Looking to add new robots to your operation? There’s no better time than right now. With the IRS Section 179 tax deduction limits being restored to previous limits (up to $500,000) and our Year End Sales Event going on, you have 12 days left to take advantage of  these incentives.

We have many of our most popular robots in stock and available for delivery from our Worcester, MA location. Contact us today for a fast quote and get your order on its way.

Here are just some of the robots we have in stock:

Suitable for machines up to 1200 tons
Suitable for machines up to 700 tons
MaxA05-900 and MaxAW05-900
Single stage or telescoping vertical stroke and suitable for machines up to 380 tons
X-650 Pneumatic Picker
Suitable for machines up to 300 tons